Bunny Love Comforter

Bunny Love Comforter

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Baby Comforters are designed to stimulate the awareness of your familiar scents, helping to induce security and well being, which is fundamental to your child.

Comforter was created to provide parents with a stylish, natural and compact alternative to dummies or bulky blankets.

The sense of smell is important to infants and help them to feel secure and loved. Comforter absorbs familiar scents that reassure your baby.

To help your child to bond with Comforter, mummy or daddy sleeps with it on the first night to transfer their comforting scents to its super-soft material. In the morning, give Comforter to your baby and they will naturally adopt a new friend.

Your baby will associate Comforter with reassurance and security, safe in the knowledge that mummy or daddy is always near by.

From then on your baby will feel safe and secure, morning, noon and night – allowing you to get a well deserved rest at bedtime!

*This item is handmade + pattern placement may vary (making your item completely unique).

- Body size 30cm x 26cm
- Ear size 20cm x 9cm

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