peach rose garden nappy wallet
peach rose garden nappy wallet
peach rose garden nappy wallet
Peach Rose Garden

Nappy Wallet. Peach Rose Garden

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Keep your nappy/diaper bag organized with this adorable diaper wallet. Not only that, but if you need to run a quick errand and you don't want to take a large bag, this diaper wallet is the perfect size. You can keep it in the car or in the stroller for a quick getaway. We all know how busy mums can be.

Perfect for keeping just the essentials to hand, the portable nappy bag is compact but can hold 3 disposable diapers OR a washable nappy and a pack of travel wipes. It will also fit a tube of cream and a few other small essentials you may wish to take. Small in size but big in functionality, you don't want to live without this cute nappy wallet.


* durable fabric
* waterproof lining
* resin snaps
* machine washable
* room for 3 disposable diapers & wipes

31cm x 19cm

Made by Naturally by Meg

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